Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Besha's Favorite Dishes of the Year

Besha over at Omnivore published a list of the best 9 things she ate this year. Sad to say I've only had one of them - No. 246's porchetta sandwich, which I covered in my own fawning way.

Really must try those sweetbreads and the egg on rice soon! Also clear that I'm not reading other food news enough as I completely missed the M. Wells dinner in October and I am one of the .004% who has been to Au Pied de Cochon and would like to try Hugue Dufour's cooking!

New Year's Resolution #1: cut down on my Hollywood gossip reading time in favor of keeping up a bit better on some of the other food publications in town!

New Year's Resolution #2: Try some of these dishes! (which will be hard to balance with New Year's Resolution #3: Eat less (meat and carbs specifically), work out more.)



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