Tuesday, December 13, 2011

News Roundup: December 13, 2012

Just back from a day trip to Chicago, where instead of delicious deep dish pizza or high concept delights, I ate at Chi-town headquartered McDonald's...at the airport...after my flight was cancelled...for the second week business trip in a row. Not my idea of good eating!

So on to more interesting news...

I've long heard rumblings of discontent about Robert Parker's power in the wine biz. Now one of his minions is caught up in a payola scandal!

Atlanta won't be the same without Tierra's heavenly tres leches cake. I'm heartbroken just thinking of a world without its creamy charms.

Since it's election season...do you know which food companies are spending the most on lobbying?

The AIDS Awareness Day Belvedere Party at STK last week was amaze-balls (Note to self: never miss parties thrown by Caren West). Now you too can enjoy the meaty glamour when it opens to the public on Thrusday.

And now in other news completely unrelated to food. I sat next to the PhD who did this research on my flight home today. My takeaway? TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D! Seriously, I'm not kidding, take a boat load of Vitamin D. That is my public health announcement of the day.



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