Thursday, December 22, 2011

News Roundup Wishes You a Merry Christmas

The New York Times brought together a great collection of Christmas recipes--everything from Grouper to Gingerbread--with accompanying anecdotes, as told by NYT's dining writers.  Worth a read even if you've already got a favorite, like mom's rum cake.

Too full of egg nog to work in the kitchen?  Creative Loafing's Cliff Bostock paid a visit to venerable Rhodes Bakery.  Famous for its cheese sticks, Rhodes is a fluorescent-lit throwback to a time when, as Cliff puts it, "Betty Crocker ruled the ovens of America."  Throwback or not, the cinnamon rolls sound like a too-sweet reminder of childhood!

In news that fails to surprise, a new report declares that the food at Hartsfield is the unhealthiest airport food in the U.S. of A.  Having tried in vain to find a health dining option at Hartsfield on many occasions, this report just confirms the obvious.  But thinking more about it, I can barely remember a healthy airport meal anywhere.  Maybe its just that travel is always my excuse to eat junk food?

Finally, TBS's Trends With Benefits recently visited Atlanta's own PushStart Kitchen supper club, as seen in this short video.  There's even a cameo by fellow blogger Chris of Eat Drink Repeat.  First featured right here on AdventurousTastes, it's great to see PushStart garnering so much well-deserved attention! Check out the video here (ad plays before video starts):



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