Thursday, March 1, 2012

News Roundup Has Spring Fever

What happens when you search Google for "spring fever"
Were this weeks 70 degree days a tease, or are warmer temps here for good?  Hard to know for sure, as it was just three years ago today that Atlanta got a decent coating of snow, at least by Georgia standards.

Just in case you're not ready to emerge from your winter cocoon, here's some of what the food Internets are buzzing about:

Creative loafing rounds up Atlanta's best margaritas.  No surprise it's a collection of in-town TexMex shacks, but where's El Taco on this list?  They offer a pretty good variety of tequila laced sweetness.

Virginia Highland's D.B.A. BBQ will be featured on TBS's Trends With Benefits.  The show will feature D.B.A.'s moonshine collection.

What's old is new again, says the NY Times.  Some classic dishes that haven't appeared on menus in decades are back in vogue.

John Kessler follows up his three-star review of Adventurous Tastes' favorite Alma Cocina with three more stars for west-side Indian newcomer Cardamom Hill.  Check out his full review here.



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