Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Passover/Easter!

Passover series: the Seder 2
Traditional Passover Seder Plate
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This weekend is a celebration bonanza...Passover begins tonight, Easter is on Sunday, and for many, it's Spring Break!

We're about to head to the burbs for the family Passover dinner, but before we go, a few links to learn more about Passover dining. For me at least, Passover is the best Jewish holiday. It's an excuse to come together with friends and family over a delicious meal with lots of wine...what's not to like? 

My favorite part of Passover is the Hillel sandwich, a weird but tasty combo of sweet Charoset, horseradish on a sandwich of matzoh. Passover is all about symbolism, escape from Egypt, hope for the future, etc.

According to Slate, "The Talmud suggests that [Charoset] is meant to resemble the mortar the Jews used while enslaved in Egypt—and also that its sweetness, which offsets the bitterness of the herbs, hints at a sweeter, slavery-free future."

It ain't pretty, but it sure is tasty when done right. This Apple Walnut Charoset recipe is pretty representative of what my family usually makes

For the record: People are always asking me if I keep kosher. To me this is a hilarious question because I imagine a very small percentage of American Jews keep kosher, and especially not ones married to nice Italian boys. A life without bacon, cheeseburgers, or lobster rolls just isn't my style. So no big surprise, we'll also be celebrating Easter this year courtesy of our good friends and a home baked ham. Hopefully there's a cadbury egg or a peep in my future, too!

Happy Passover/Easter!



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