Thursday, May 24, 2012

News Round-Up: May 24, 2012

The countdown is on, readers. It's almost time to fire up your grills and slap on some SPF 15 to mark the beginning of summer! The Mr. and I will be going crunchy (sort of) with a long weekend jaunt to Boulder, CO. Never fear, it won't be all granola and weed. We have reservations at the oh so popular Frasca

Ease into the long weekend with some food scoop...

Gawker gets hilariously enraged with food writers

Tuck into some General Tso's sweetbreads or macaroni and head cheese when Richard Blais and Concentric's new spot, The Spence opens this weekend

Yankees get their burger on - the Boston Globe reviews four Atlanta burger spots and choose my fave of the bunch, Farm Burger, as the best

Eater Atlanta picks the best spots for a hot date. My high school standby, Cafe Intermezzo, is still on the list despite the, ahem, the many moons that have passed since I was a teenager

Have a great weekend!



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