Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rewind: Speakeasy Cocktail Festival

File this post under "better late than never."  Anyhow, on Labor Day weekend the inaugural Speakeasy Cocktail Festival took place deep in the bowels of the Georgia World Congress Center.  Your intrepid blogger managed a Sunday afternoon visit to the weekend-long event.

Nicely organized and grand in scale, the festival suffered from a lack of actual cocktails to sample, feeling a bit more like a booze trade show than I expected.  Still, it was a fun event with plenty of varied activities including cocktail mixing demonstrations, poker tournaments, and a cornhole arena.  Plenty of costumed lads and ladies roamed the massive room, lending a bit of Prohibition-era vibe.  Then again, they may have just been overflow from DragonCon.

The festival's organizers have promised that the Labor Day extravaganza was the first of many events to come. Given the scale of their first event, I am pretty excited to see what they cook up next!



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