Thursday, September 27, 2012

Serenbe Southern Chef's Series 2013

Nearly 3 years ago, the Mr. and I got hitched at Serenbe, so we know first hand what an absolutely gorgeous escape from the city it is. There are simply no other spots so completely lovely and bucolic this close to the city! So any event that takes place at Serenbe is automatically pretty awesome. But add renowned chefs and an overnight stay to the mix? Heaven!

Here's the deal: For $650 per guest, you're one of just 10 people to take a Sunday afternoon/evening class in Marnie Nygren's kitchen at Serenbe with a renowned chef, followed by dinner. After an overnight stay at the Inn, you'll enjoy a second class late Monday morning followed by lunch.

A portion of the proceeds benefit Wholesome Wave, an organization that improves access and affordability of locally-grown produce to historically under-served communities.

$650 is pretty darn steep, but these aren't chefs you usually get access to, especially in such an intimate setting. Think Charleston wunderkind Sean Brock, New Orleans chef John Besh, or Atlanta star restaurateur Anne Quatrano. And you get a night in one of their cozy and oh so pretty rooms. Schmoozing and learning from top chefs, eating great food and the potential for romance? Sign me up!
Serenbe - Is it gorgeous there or what?!

On that note, if anyone would like to contribute to the "Adventurous Tastes wants to go but doesn't have $650 lying around" fund, please let me know!

To register, please call the Inn at 770 463 2610.  With only 10 slots per event, they sell out quickly, so call today if you're interested!



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