Monday, October 1, 2012

Restaurant Review: STG Trattoria Brunch

The Mr. and I rarely make it out to brunch because our New York Times reading/Sunday Morning watching is something of an all-morning affair. STG Trattoria is now offering brunch, and we had a chance to check it out, so we motivated for a rare Sunday morning trip to Buckhead.

We opted for a late brunch, so upon our arrival at 2, the restaurant was nearly empty. STG's brunch is still under the radar, so forget those long lines at Murphy's and Highland Bakery and take advantage of a no-wait, high quality brunch option.

This was our first trip to STG, and we were impressed by the decor. Notably chicer than your average pizza joint; STG is airy and modern but still warm with an open kitchen, high ceilings and loads of warm wood and black cafe chairs. 

Brunch isn't complete without booze, so the Mr. opted for an Italian Manhattan (high west rye, formula antica, amaro averna, orange peel) and I chose a spicy bloody mary. The Mr., a veritable Manhattan connoisseur, loved his cocktail. As for me, I wasn't drinking that day, so I went with a virgin version, so definitely not as God and bartender intended. That said, it was delicious with just the right peppery kick, so I can imagine that the addition of vodka only makes it better!

At our server's recommendation, we kicked things off with shrimp and calamari, with polenta, pancetta, cherry tomatoes and basil. The polenta was softer than my Italian honey prefers, but it was still flavorful and the seafood was a welcome and unusual brunch treat.

Next, we split the oven roasted duck hash, with a poached farm egg and arugula and the eggs benedict pizza with prosciutto, arugula, poached quail eggs and warm aioli. Runny eggs and a meaty duck hash, are a-OK in my book. This dish is quite hearty - perfect for our impending cool mornings.

The eggs benedict pie was well charred. The eggs were a bit more cooked than I might have liked, but it's pretty darn tough to get a charred pie and runny eggs in the same dish. The salty prosciutto was a perfect counterpoint to the crispy dough and rich egg, and it made for an excellent lazy Sunday leftovers dinner that night, too!

Amazingly enough, we still had room for dessert after this brunch bacchanal. Panna cotta isn't normally one of my faves, but this trio was a delightful end to our meal. Of the three, the coffee version was my absolute favorite. The custard was quite light, great after a hearty meal, but the coffee flavor was bold without being overpowering. A close second was the very subtle and unusual fennel panna cotta. Save room for dessert!

Overall we were quite pleased with our STG brunch experience. Omelets are just not exciting enough to drag me out of my pajamas on a Sunday, but Italian brunch is a welcome change from the norm. And with no waits for interesting and yummy food, what's not to love?

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 *Full disclosure: Although my meal was comped, I always endeavor to offer my unbiased opinion of the experience!



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