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Passover: Atlanta Dining Options and Menu Ideas

I doubt I'll have much of a Passover this year since I'll have a 5 day old baby, but most years, it's one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Who doesn't love an excuse to have a giant dinner party?

If you're in the market for something fun to do this year, here are some options:

Atlanta restaurant and catering options

Passover at Ecco

This year, Ecco is doing a Passover themed dinner. It's not a seder (meaning no prayers), but it does look pretty darn good.

Executive Chef Craig Richards and his culinary team did some extensive research and developed a menu that not only includes a variety of traditional dishes but manages to sneak in a few modern touches, too.

The dinner, which will be served family-style around the communal tables in the private dining room, will feature:

  • Pistachio and apricot charoset (just a different spelling of my beloved haroseth)
  • Spring greens and herb salad, wild mushrooms, radishes and poached farm egg
  • Gefilte fish on butter lettuce with lemon-basil aioli 
  • Leek matzo balls in shiitake mushroom and hen consomm√©
  • Beef brisket with dates and oranges
  • Roasted new potatoes with beets, rosemary and horseradish
  • Heirloom carrot tzimmes
  • Chocolate torte with sabayon and poached strawberries
  • Coconut macaroons

The cost is only $40 per person (plus tax and gratuity) and seating is very limited. Tickets are only available online.

gefilte fish.jpg
Gefilte Fish available at Lure

Fifth Group's Lure is getting in on the action, too, by adding Gefilte Fish, a Passover staple, to its menu from March 25-April 4. It's also available for take-out for 4 people for only $15. Take-out orders can be made by calling 404.817.3650 and will be available for pick up Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24. Gefilte Fish is most definitely not my thing, but old school Passover purists like my dad can't live without it.

Passover at General Muir

Eater reports that The General Muir is hosting Passover Seder dinners at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26 for $48 a person or $60 with wine pairings. Dishes include classics like matzoh ball soup, braised brisket and potato kugel. Email shelley@thegeneralmuir.com for the full menu, to secure a spot at one of the dinners, or to place a Passover take-out order.

Passover Catering from Alon's
Passover Desserts & Cookies
Alon's Bakery may be a French style bakery, but Alon himself is Israeli, so he knows a thing or two about Passover festivities. Pick up Passover catering such as lamb roast, Sephardic Haroset (yep, another spelling) and coconut macaroons. For the full menu of options look here.

Mexican Passover at Rosa Mexicana

Who knew Rosa Mexicana had been doing Passover dinners for 10 years (well, not all of those in Atlanta, but still...) From March 25-30 enjoy dishes such as Tropical Haroset with dates, tangerines and almonds, Matzoh ball pozole soup and banana leaf wrapped barbecued brisket. See the full menu here. The meal is $42.

Cooking at home but want to spice things up this year?

23 Passover recipes from Bon Appetit...my personal fave Passover dish is a Hillel sandwich, which is a combo of Haroseth (a sweet apple and nut combo) and horseradish on matzoh. Weird sounding but delectable. Here's their take on a Braeburn Apple and Walnut Haroseth.

28 Passover Mains from Buzzfeed

The Epicurious Passover Guide

Passover desserts are always tough because of the no flour rule. Here are 31 options from Buzzfeed

For the herbivores in your life, 25 vegetarian Passover recipes from Kosher on a Budget

And a Passover oldie but goodie from Adventurous Tastes



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