Monday, May 13, 2013

Atlanta Food News: May 13, 2013

We're taking a little break this week, but first, here's the scoop on what's new in food...

Kevin Gillespie's much anticipated Gunshow opened last week. Get some scoop on their unique anti-menu and ordering process here. I need a babysitter stat so I can check it out!

According to Urban Daddy, Ford Fry's much anticipated King + Duke opens today in Buckhead, but the restaurant's website still just says coming soon. Another reason to get a babysitter...

After talking about it for months, the Mr. and I finally had a date night at Tomo this weekend. Turns out you have to arrange the omakase in advance. Is it just me or does that defeat the point? It is supposed to be chef's choice of what is fresh that day. I can't comprehend why they wouldn't be able to accommodate that. Especially because I have eaten at many of the best sushi restaurants in LA and NY, and I have never had to pre-order the omakase. In the end we spent 50 percent less than we would have on an omakase and I walked away ambivalent about Tomo since nothing we tried was very exciting. Their loss I suppose.

Popped into a new bar/restaurant 1kept after Tomo to end our date night with a cocktail. Write-ups in thrillest and urban daddy both described an intriguing cocktail program complete with infused liquors. So imagine our surprise when the bartender informed us there was no cocktail menu. She also didn't make any suggestions or even mention the alleged infused liquors, saying only that she could make us "whatever." Well, duh, isn't that what a bartender is supposed to do? I can't quite figure out what went wrong here. Did their PR message just not get to the staff? The cocktails I read about sounded good and were certainly not the kind of thing you would just ask for without seeing a menu. So we left without buying anything.

Date night didn't quite turn out how we had hoped, but it was so nice to get dressed up and go out that we still had a nice evening. Next time King + Duke or Gunshow for more off a sure thing!



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