Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Living Social Wine Festival - June 8-9

Photo credit: Brentmelissa
I actually miss being pregnant. Weird, I know, but I did pregnancy pretty well. No morning sickness, minimal discomfort, etc., and there was something kind of awesome about feeling my little girl with me all the time. But I definitely don't miss the moratorium on booze. I, of course, still can't drink to my heart's content since I'm breastfeeding, but at least I can enjoy a nice glass of wine now guilt-free.

So it is with no guilt at all that I'm asking my mom to babysit the little one so I can hit up the upcoming Living Social Wine Festival, June 8-9.  It's officially summer now, which has the affect of making me want to drink in the daytime (or maybe that's the screaming baby?), so this sounds like the perfect way to while away a sure to be hot day.

Once there I will not only enjoy some much needed adult time, but I will also be sampling from 100 wines from more than 40 wineries as well as digging into cheese pairings from around the world.

This event is taking place in Peachtree Hills, so you can take in the Peachtree Hills Festival of the Arts as long as you're in the hood. Each day there are two sessions - Saturday 12:00 and 4:30 or Sunday 12:30 or 4:30.

A ticket to a single session is $30 on Saturday or $25 on Sunday. Prices will increase as tickets sell out, so get yours now. This event is huge...they've already sold over 1000 tickets! The ticket gets you unlimited tastings and cheese/cracker pairings and a LivingSocial wine glass.

For $55 you get a VIP ticket, which will get you the above plus access to an exclusive area with preferred wines, small bites, additional wine education and a LivingSocial corkscrew. And a huge benefit since there will be over a 1000 people there...you get express entrance to avoid the line.

For $99, you will have access to all four sessions.

To get your tickets and see the full details, check this out. Get directions to the event here.



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