Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marietta Man Turns to Kickstarter to Fire Up His Newfangled Cooker

Kickstarter has become a go-to site for folks looking to raise money for all sorts of inventions, ventures, and ideas. Atlanta's own Pushstart Kitchen used Kickstarter to raise over $70,000 from toward their new restaurant, and dozens of other food-trepreneurs have used the site to obtain funding for ideas as varied as a self cleaning fishtank/hydroponic garden to buying barrels for a new distillery.

A project from a Marietta man recently caught caught my attention, and should be of interest to backyard grilling enthusiasts of every stripe.  Ray Palermo's QUAD high temperature cooker promises cooking temperatures of over 900 degrees, several hundred degrees past what most backyard grills can manage.

While the QUAD prototype pictured above isn't exactly pretty (production models will look a bit different, according to Ray), the prospect of getting commercial cooking temperatures at home is pretty exciting  It's versatile too, as the QUAD will offer a wok ring, a paella pan, and a pizza stone in addition to the grill surface.  A paella pan may sound a bit uncommon, but it was apparently Ray's quest to find a hot and evenly-heated paella pan a few years back that led to the creation of the QUAD.

QUAD's Kickstarter project is looking to raise $30,000 by August 15, with about $18,200 currently pledged.  $119 will get you a mini-QUAD, while the full size unit starts at $199. Get all the details, a video demonstration, and an opportunity to get in on the action yourself here: QUAD on Kickstarter



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