Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sweet Monkey Opens at Emory Point

There's a new fro-yo kid in town. Sweet Monkey has opened up in the Emory Pointe development just down from The General Muir. It's a make your own and weight it kind of place, but we've seen that before. What really makes this spot stand out from the Pinkberry knock-off crowd is the ridiculous array of toppings.

Sure you've got your standard chopped up fruit and crumbled candy bar options. But Sweet Monkey is almost more of a candy store, with a hundred different toppings ranging from Captain Crunch to Cinnamon Buns to Chocolate Covered Bacon. You name it, they've got it. The choices don't stop at just toppings. They have plenty of yogurts on offer, too. They of course have the de rigueur tart but also less common choices like cherry amaretto and lemon pie and many of them are fat free or low fat (not that this matters when you are piling on a pound of candy!)

As they say, I was a kid in a candy store, and I picked a dozen different toppings to sample a morsel of as you can see above. Really the yogurt was just a vehicle for candy eating. If you only eat a bite of something, the calories don't count, right? That was the theory I was working under at least.

They have awesome looking cupcakes, too, but I stuck with just the yogurt and a mountain of candy. So fun and yummy!



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