Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick Bites: Timone's

I'm pretty psyched to have a new family friendly option in the hood. All too often "family friendly" is code for mediocre food and plasticized booths. Fortunately Ron Eyester's new pizza joint, Timone's is a great option for bringing along the kiddos without having to sacrifice quality or experience. Given Morningside and Virginia Highlands are kiddie central, I expect this place to do gangbusters business much like his other nearby spots, Rosebud and Family Dog.

We went nice and early so that our little peanut wouldn't be disturbing date night diners. We were clearly not the only people with that idea because there were a number of other families with small children there just before 6 on a Saturday. And hallelujah, she behaved, and we got some much needed adult time.

In a rare occurrence for Atlanta in August, it wasn't hotter than hell, so we sat on their patio. It overlooks a parking lot, which isn't exactly atmospheric, but there isn't a restaurant in Morningside or Virginia Highlands with a decent view, so this is the norm. The restaurant is small but open with a nice view into the kitchen. It has a hip neighborhood vibe with none of the blandness of say an Osteria 832.

We sampled the Fried Rhode Island Style Calamari and a pizza with Crispy Eggplant, Red Sauce, Capicola Ham, Shallot, Romano and Sweet Grass Lil’ Moo. The calamari was light and crispy, and I loved the addition of spicy little peppers. It is a pretty large portion, so theoretically the two of us shouldn't finished it, but let's just say I did it for the blog...

I've been obsessing over eggplant lately, so I was psyched to try the eggplant pie. I really liked the chewy, crunchy crust. The Mr. likes a doughier crust better, but he still scarfed down three pieces, so he clearly still enjoyed it!

The pizza is pretty light on cheese, so I felt like all things considered, it's reasonably healthy. The only bummer for me is the eggplant cut very small, and I didn't get a lot of eggplant taste from it. That said, it was still very tasty, but I got more sauce and ham flavors from it than anything else.

It's still early days, but overall I was impressed and definitely intend to go back and sample some of the other items on the menu. The meatball with pickled banana peppers is sounding pretty good to me right about now...

1409 North Highland Avenue, Suite D
Atlanta, GA 30306



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