Tuesday, September 3, 2013

PeachDish: Home Delivery of Dinner Ingredients

1 Box

2 People
3 Courses
20 Dollars

That's PeachDish's mantra. And we were lucky enough to sample one of these make-at-home kits recently courtesy of the fine folks at PeachDish. PeachDish is a local Atlanta startup that will deliver the ingredients for dinner and an easy-to-follow recipe directly to your door. 

Our ingredients
I was a little worried that raw chicken sitting on my doorstep all afternoon was a dangerous proposition, but the chicken was still nice and cold when I unpacked it thanks to the included ice packs. Each ingredient comes individually packaged, down to even a lone garlic clove. 

Our menu? Roasted Asparagus, Mediterranean Chicken and Fresh Plums. Now I hate to quibble, but I am not sure I'd call this a 3-course meal. Asparagus feels like a side dish, not an appetizer, and fair enough plums could be dessert, but I'm more of a baked good kind of dessert gal, so this felt a bit more like one course plus a very light dessert.

The packaging was great in that it kept our food cold, but unfortunately the parmesan container came open and our cheese spilled everywhere so your asparagus side/appetizer was just plane.

PeachDish dinner being prepared 

If this recipe is any indication, PeachDish is a great option for people who lack inspiration and time to shop but like the idea of cooking a delicious dinner at home. The recipe was relatively simple and took the Mr., a fairly experienced cook less than 30 minutes to prepare. Just what you want on a weeknight. None of the steps required any special knowledge or skill, so even inexperienced cooks would be able to pull it off. 

A couple of additional issues with our ingredients - Our box was missing the baguette entirely which would have indeed been nice to soak up the delicious Mediterranean sauce. And the included lone clove of garlic was presumably for the chicken but isn't actually referenced in the instructions. The Mr. went ahead and cooked it in oil along with the onion which was included in the instructions.
Mediterranean Chicken from PeachDish

PeachDish is fairly new, so I'll cut them some slack on the issues with our shipment. Not sure I'd be quite as generous of spirit if I'd paid for it, though, so in that scenario I would have called to complain in hopes that they'd cut me a break on a future shipment. The most important part, though, is that the ingredients were quality and the dish quite tasty. We liked it so much that we definitely plan on making the recipe again in the future. 

Now we probably aren't the best audience for a long-term subscription to something like this as we cook regularly and do weekly shopping trips, but I think this kind of service would be perfect for a busy couple who do a lot of takeout and want something home cooked once in a while. For example, they sent us a single boullion cube, which is perfect for the kind of person who is never going to go through an entire package of boullion. Another bonus was that it seemed healthy and was portioned appropriately. More often than not chicken breast is gargantuan these days, but these little babies were the requisite 3 oz that you are actually supposed to eat. So maybe not great for big eaters, but for someone looking to be reasonably healthy, it was just right.

When you subscribe you get a weekly shipment mid-week, and you can cancel individual shipments as needed. Previous recipes have included White Bean Hummus with Pan-Seared Lamb and Couscous Tabouleh-Style and Minted Oranges and Arugula & Pine Nut Salad with Hanger Steak and Ratatouille, so you will get a nice variety of upscale cuisine for way less than you'd pay at a restaurant.



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