Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Event Recap: Taste of Atlanta 2013

Once again the hungry masses descended on Midtown Atlanta. No, it wasn't a Walking Dead style zombie was Taste of Atlanta, Atlanta's biggest food event.

First up was Taste Revival, the Friday night music-themed opening event...

Taste Revival at Taste of Atlanta

When you're contemplating your attendance next year, definitely splurge and get tickets for the Friday night event. The restaurants who participate are top notch, and they bring their A-game. The only bummer this year is it was pretty chilly so restaurants couldn't sit out food for very long, which made for some long lines. If cold weather is in the forecast in 2014, take your splurge to the next level to get VIP tickets so you can get in before the crowds!

Taste of Atlanta

A music themed event wouldn't be complete without live music, so we also took in the chef band, Five Bone Rack, I've heard so much about. Chefs including Ford Fry proved to be pretty darned impressive as musical entertainment. Multi-talented guys!

Taste of Atlanta

Taste of Atlanta

On Sunday we checked out the main event and made a beeline for the VIP area so we could snag some wine and beer to whet our appetites. There were ample options on hand both domestic and international and virtually no lines for the beverages. Apparently everyone was much more focused on the food, leading to long lines for VIP samples, so we headed out to the main event once our hunger kicked in.

Taste of Atlanta

With 10 tickets to use, we had to be smart. So we went straight for the Ford Fry area on the map where we anticipated some of the fest's best eats. We weren't disappointed. 246's pasta and JCT's tater tot poutine were both exceptional.

Taste of Atlanta

Next up was Watershed's famed fried chicken served on a biscuit. This dish was the business, and considering it is hard to come by normally, it was a pleasant surprise for a mere 3 tickets!

Taste of Atlanta

The event was chock full of learning opportunities as well, even including hands-on demos, which are rare at an event this size. But we were feeling lazy, so instead we made way for Intermezzo's chocolate crepes and left fat and happy!



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