Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Atlanta Restaurants Among GQ's Best New Restaurants

Alan Richman has named the 25 best new restaurants in the US and Atlanta has 3 spots on the list - The General Muir at #23, Gunshow at #7 and King + Duke at #5. Not too shabby for the ol' ATL!

Of the General Muir, Richman writes, "Why isn’t this delicatessen in New York? It belongs in Brooklyn, or the Lower East Side. Well, maybe the Brooklyn or the LES of a half-century ago." That's not faint praise for a delicatessen, and who would have expected Atlanta to have successfully pulled off something so associated with the northeast.

My tiny pic in GQ (bottom right)
He praises Kevin Gillespie's Gunshow for its intimacy and variety, writing "I don't recall so many styles of cooking from one restaurant kitchen, and each dish is successful, because every cook specializes in the cuisine he or she knows best." And in a very exciting and unexpected turn of events, GQ bought my photo of Gillespie at Gunshow for their article. If you look very closely at the itty bitty picture they printed, you will also spy my brother and hubby making their GQ debuts!

Top Chef alum Kevin Gillespie at Gunshow
The original shot posted to Adventurous Tastes
The highest spot goes to King + Duke, which was also my favorite new restaurant of the year. He raves, "In the middle of the meal, I sat up straight and thought, This is the one. This is informal American dining, perfected." Considering informal American dining is a pretty broad category, I'd call that a pretty big compliment for Ford Fry and Chef Joe Schafer.

Congrats to the teams behind The General Muir, Gunshow and King + Duke!



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