Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival - Learning Experiences

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival
The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival kicks off again Thursday, May 28. This festival celebrates the best of the south with food and cocktail learning and tasting experiences and dinners and events.I'll be sharing more about the various elements of the weekend over the next couple of days. Let's start with the learning experiences which take place Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and early afternoon.

Learning experiences run the gamut, from the boozy (Cocktails for a Crowd or a chocolate and cocktail tasting seminar) to the global (a shio-koji test kitchen or the Italian South tasting demo) to the intellectual (deductive tasting) and of course to the gluttonous (whole hog on the grill, small batch decadence bourbon and cheese). Plan your class schedule here.

We'll be there on Friday, and I'm looking forward to the food and spirits tasting seminar with Chapel Hill's Gary Crunkleton and Bill Smith. My days at UNC were more noted for their late night chicken and biscuit gluttony and cheap, watery beer than fine dining and cocktails, so I'm excited to see what they dish up!

1 day and 3 day regular passes and conniseur passes are still available. Get your Atlanta Food & Wine tickets before it's too late!



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