Monday, June 14, 2010

A healthier take on eggplant parmesan

One of my childhood fave comfort foods was eggplant parmesan. Alas the fried cheesiness of it isn't quite in keeping with my current efforts to eat a teensy bit healthier. So I was eager to try this healthier take on the Italian classic. It's not fried, lighter on the cheese and includes swiss chard to up the veggie quotient.

Although not all that difficult, this dish was fairly time consuming to prepare, so I'd recommend it for a weekend or prep in advance and cook the next day. As it was, Mr. AT and I didn't sit down to eat until after 9, convincing me that the recipes I'd been picking lately are a wee bit too ambitious for work nights. Now aiming for a much more appealing 30-45 minute maximum time!

Fortunately the result was worth it. Creamy and filling without being gloopy (it's a word if I say it is!). It's no competition for the real thing, but it's a viable stand in if you want eggplanty goodness without the whopping calorie count.

Eggplant Parmesan Rolls with Swiss Chard and Fresh Mint

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