Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Calorie Bombs - thisiswhyyourehuge.com

Two weeks of healthier than normal eating (limited alcohol, sweets, bread, etc) and here I am exactly the same. In the spirit of that, here are calorie bombs I wish I could be eating - http://thisiswhyyourehuge.com/. I quite frankly would really like to dive into that PB Tower of Power dessert!

How I long for the days when I dove into my sorority's chicken finger Friday with nary a thought of caloric intake. Seriously getting older is the pits for a variety of reasons, but seriously having to watch what I eat is one of the greatest bummers my world has ever know.

Yeah, yeah, I know, healthy food can taste great, but seriously, I just want to dive head first into a mountain of peanut butter, chocolate, and dulce de leche!

Now off to eat my sensible turkey chili lunch (which is in fact quite tasty and super easy to whip up in a slow cooker!)...
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