Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Easy Recipe: Quick Coq Au Vin

You don't always have time to let your inner Julia Child run free, but fortunately there are short cuts for busy nights. This recipe gives you the wonderful aromas and flavors of coq au vin, without the long prep time.

I made the recipe using breast, but I think next time I'd choose the more flavorful thigh. I got hung up on getting the internal temperature up to 160 and think I overcooked it a bit. I suppose the time in the oven would give it time to get those last few degrees without drying things out.

You might be tempted to flip the chicken too quickly, but resist. As a cooking teacher once told me, you want the chicken to get really brown and sexy. Such things can't be rushed!

The best part is you get a lovely wine aroma while you're cooking, and it's full of French flavors Julia would be proud of!

Quick Coq Au Vin

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