Monday, July 11, 2011

Portland Dining: Big Ass Sandwich

We're back from our 10 day jaunt to Washington and Oregon! Lots to share, but I'll start with one of the best sandwiches I've ever had.

Every Saturday in Portland there's a huge street market complete with dancing hippies, knick knack vendors, and a wicked view of the river. After checking that out, we tracked down one of Portland's famous food carts, Big Ass Sandwich, at the corner of SW 3rd and Ash St. Not only does PDX have a ridiculous selection of carts, but they're also super easy to find. In fact, they don't strike me as all that mobile. Rather, they are parked in pods that have regular hours and consistent locations. Can you imagine how fab that would be for lunch time options? Sigh...

We, of course, had to have the eponymous sandwich, replete with slow cooked roast beef, ridiculously perfect french fries, and bechamel cheese sauce. Yep, it's a diet sandwich!

Oh lordy, was this sandwich good. True to form, it's gigantic, so we split it, and that was plenty. It's salty, and gooey, and meaty, and for goodness sake, there are fries on it, how can that be bad? Seriously, the fries are themselves truly top notch - just crispy enough and perfectly salted, and the addition of a bechamel cheese sauce is creamy perfection.

So I'm a fan, that's for sure. It's probably for the best for my personal longevity and waistline that I can no longer access a big ass sandwich, but if you happen to be in Portland, you must try it at least once (and you know if you are nearby, you could never stop at just once!)

Big-Ass Sandwiches
SW 3rd & Ash Street
Portland, OR
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