Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seattle Trip Report - Part 1

Things have been so hectic that it's been a month since our trip to the Pacific Northwest, and I haven't written much about it yet. So here goes part one of my trip report. It was a vacation even in the blogging since, so we didn't take many pictures of food, so I'll just throw in some vacation shots for a little color!

Let me start by saying that Seattle was awesome. It was perfect 70 and sunny weather which can make anywhere seem pretty great, but we were struck by what a beautiful and hip city it is.


A hipster and meat lovers paradise, Quinn's is Seattle's Holeman & Finch. We couldn't resist trying a dish called pig face fritters, which are surprise surprise actually made of a pig's face. Alas, they just tasted fried, but how can you pass up a dish with a name like that? Wild boar sloppy joes were just as messy but infinitely tastier than the cafeteria classic. As we'd find throughout the city, there was a great beer selection and a cool vibe.

Pig Face Fritters

We liked Anchovies & Olives even better than Quinn's. Their menu featured a number of Mediterranean influenced seafood heavy small plates. Since we don't get much of that in Atlanta, it was a very nice change of pace. Hamachi with apple, rhubarb and mustard seed was a startling combination after years of only Asian influenced hamachi dishes. Strozzapreti combined tuna with spicy tomato, currants and olive. Turns out I don't love fish in my tomato based pasta but Jeff loved it. Oysters in several totally different preparations were more my speed.

Tavern Law
We don't go out for drinks all that often (drinking at home is so much fun!) so when we do, we like to do it in style. Tavern Law is the perfect place for old school cocktails, complete with the requisite hipster mustachioed bartenders and faux speakeasy vibe. I'm always tempted to try egg white based cocktails but I always chicken out. This time the bartender recommended one, and I loved it. I wish I could recall which one it was, but I'm a naughty blogger and have forgotten. That said, I loved the subtle sweetness and light foamy texture. Plus any bar that gives those delicious brandied cherries is AOK in my book. Alas we couldn't go to the not-so-secret upstairs lounge because they were all booked up.

So that's it for part one...lots more to come!
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