Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shhhh!!! Your Eating Is Driving me CRAZY!

At one time or another, Lindsey has told me that when I eat it sounds like I have a microphone in my mouth, that I have stereo speakers attached to my jaw, or she's simple mimicked the "nom nom nom" sound of my eating.  I've always told her that it's not MY eating, it's just her sensitivity to it.  Well, lo and behold the mighty New York Times finally had my back today.

Apparently, scientists have diagnosed people with a sensitivity to the sounds of other people eating as having a disorder called misophonia.  Now, in fairness to my sweet wife, I don't think she has misophonia because it's only my eating that annoys her.  Nonetheless, it was fascinating to read that this is a real disorder!!  Next time an enraged stranger tells you to keep the sound of your eating down, they may not necessarily be rude; they're just suffering from misophonia.

In other not-so-important food news, Ben & Jerry's confirmed it will be selling Schweddy Balls flavored ice cream, based on the Saturday Night Live skit parodying the NPR food show.  Best of all, this announcement in turn caused NPR to run an article all about Schweddy Balls.  You don't hear that kind of talk on All Things Considered everyday!
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