Monday, December 5, 2011 Names the 50 Holiday Foods Not to Eat

Nothing says a happy holidays like a list of 50 traditional holiday foods you shouldn't eat. You can thank for that little treat.  A wee bit heavy handed don't you think? It's not a Ways to Eat Healthy this Holiday or Holiday Treats Are Worst For You Thank You Think, no, it's just a list that flat out says you shouldn't be eating just about everything you'd want to eat over the holidays.

Sure the obvious suspects are there -- eggnog, pecan pie and yule logs. But then so are holiday staples like prime rib, glazed ham, and mashed potatoes.  In fact, just about everything you might eat (and enjoy!) over the holidays is on the list.

I'm all for trying to not totally blow your diet over the holidays (although that's exactly what I'm doing these days), but this article is absurd. If you tell a person not to eat candy canes and to pass on Aunt Sally's green bean casserole, how are they supposed to join in on the holiday fun? I say everything in moderation, at least when it comes to enjoying the holidays!

For the record, I had hot buttered rum, prime rib and potato pancakes this weekend (in addition to some cookies and bread pudding which are shockingly not on the list), and I loved every last minute of it!
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