Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is Pinterest the Greatest Social Media Cookbook Ever?

Pinterest is one of the Internet's hottest sites.  If you've already joined, your daily inbox has probably filled with notifications of new Pinterest followers, re-pins and likes.   There are plenty of reasons to share the random gems unearthed during your daily web surfing.  Not only can your friends (and perfect strangers) see what interests you, you can see what your friends are finding online.

Perhaps one of the best uses for Pinterest is to save, share and discover new recipes.  Many recipe sites, like Epicurious, allow you to save recipes in your account on that site.  But weeks or months later, when you finally think about using the recipe, can you even remember which site it was on?  Or do you just forget about the recipe altogther?  Pinterest solves that by allowing you to save pictures of recipes you like to your own board.  Click on the picture later, and it will take you to the original recipe, no reading required.

Even better in my book is surfing recipes that others have pinned.  As many times as I've tried, it's pretty much impossible to surf the entire web every day.  With Pinterest you can multiply your web surfing a million times over, cull the pictures that interest you and click through for recipes.  Wish I'd thought of that!
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