Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Quick Bites: Canton House for Dim Sum

I love me some buns. Preferably of the barbecued pork variety. So it was with visions of char siu bao dancing in my head that I headed to Canton House on Buford Highway. We usually get dim sum at Hong Kong Harbor, which is super close by and does the trick but isn't on anyone's short list of the best dim sum in town. Little did I know that Canton House has a way bigger selection including a number of dishes I've never seen at a dim sum spot before.

I've been missing out all this time! I was settling for just shumai and char siu bao when I could have been indulging in litchi buns and something our waiter called little footballs that involved a gelatinous wrapping around a delectable porky interior. Everything we tried from the typical to the exotic was delish. Granted, the way we do dim sum is a bit carb intensive, but oh those fillings are hard to resist!

The food came fast and furious, and our hipster dim sum waiter was surprisingly friendly compared to the typical aloof dim sum service. Within an hour, we were stuffed silly and had only a $28 bill to show for it. So if you're craving dim sum, Canton House is definitely worth the hype. Just be sure to get there early. They were jam packed by the time we were leaving around 12:30 on a Sunday.

Canton House
4825 Buford Hwy NE  
Chamblee, GA 30341
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