Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Easy Chicken Salad

I love cooking with rotisserie chickens because it takes a major step out of the process. I'm not a huge fan of getting all greasy picking chicken off the bone, but still, I prefer it to dealing with raw chicken. I suppose I just have a complex about handling something so capable of making me ill. I'm a salmonella wuss!

I wanted something super easy that I could enjoy for lunch a couple days this week, so chicken salad was a simple option. Off the top of my head at the store I figured grapes and celery were a good starting point, and then I searched for a recipe that used those ingredients.

Although I do use mayo in dishes like this, I really hate the stuff. There's just something so gross about the way it smells and tastes on its own. Of course then, I was thrilled to find a recipe that made use two ingredients I nearly always have around - goat's milk yogurt and dijon mustard, and I could dispense with the stinko-mayo for once.

I played fast and loose with the recipe I found on because I didn't feel like measuring out the fruit and veggies for this. I love a lot of crunch and sweetness in my chicken salad, so I was pretty heavy handed with the celery and grapes. It turned out delicious, and I'll be grateful for it tomorrow when I inevitably have to work through lunch.

Chicken Salad Dijon with Grapes and Apple
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