Friday, August 21, 2009

Recipe: Mother's Everyday Pimento Cheese Spread

Lately, I can't get enough pimento cheese. Highland Bakery has a pimento cheese sandwich that has become a standard lunch order for me, but lest I spend $6.95 every time I crave the spicy kick of pimento cheese, I decided to try my hand at making some.

The recipe below was so incredibly easy to make. I even skipped the hand mixing in favor of my food processor. It doesn't get much simpler than this - just grate some cheese, throw in some pimentos, mayo and cayenne to taste, and you've got yourself a delicious snack or lunch spread. I liked it extra spicy, so don't be shy with the cayenne! Try it like the Highland Bakery version on toast with a tomato slice. Delish!

I started out with  the recipe from Mother's Everyday Pimento Cheese, but it was too much mayo and too many steps for my taste. I have since simplified down to an easier and slightly healthier variation.

1/2 lb shredded cheddar (can do all yellow or get a mix of white and yellow)
1 (7-oz) jar pimentos, drained and finely chopped
A few grates of fresh black pepper
cayenne to taste
1/4-3 cup mayonnaise depending on tastes (I like to use as little as I can get away with)

Throw it all in a food processor and blend until smooth. Flavors will meld best if you put in fridge for a couple hours.

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