Saturday, September 26, 2009

Signature wedding cocktail

As my wedding day rapidly approaches, I'm having to let go of some of the little details I wanted to attend to. Makeshift photo booths sound awesome, but far too hard to pull off given my distinct lack of craftiness; Polaroid guest books are cool, but I've opted for a slightly less work intensive guest book box. But the signature cocktail is an idea I can't quite let go of. We're not doing liquor, which means we have to be a bit more clever about it, basing it around some sort of wine.

The most delicious fall cocktail I've had in ages was at Holeman & Finch last year -

Piedmont Apple -
fresh pressed apple juice, Peychaud's bitters, sparkling sauvignon blanc + grated cinnamon

Sounds perfect and simple enough, but now just need to figure out the proportions. Anyone know? Or have other fall wine based cocktail ideas?
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