Wednesday, November 29, 2017

An ode to eating Greek yogurt - in Greece!

I'll just come right out with it. I'm kind of obsessed with yogurt. Not just any yogurt, thick and creamy Greek or Icelandic style yogurt. We're talking Terry on Brooklyn 99 levels of yog-session. In American that translates into my Siggi's Yogurt fangirl status. A bowl of that every morning is healthy, filling and a great vehicle for seasonal fruit.

But in Greece, oh my...

The fame of Greek yogurt is no accident. It is the yogurt that launched an American craze. But sadly no one in America seems to be making Greek yogurt that tastes anywhere near as delicious as the stuff you can actually get in Greece. Same went for produce in general (figs and tomatoes in Greece were TO DIE FOR), but I digress.

On my recent trip to Greece (more on that another time!), I was all kinds of excited to visit and actual honest-to-God yogurt shop, Fresko. They serve five different types of yogurt (traditional, light, sheep, goat and cow). As you'd expect, traditional is thick, but I found it much creamier and all around better than American "Greek" yogurt. If such a place existed in the DC area, my loyalty punch card would be full.

The yogurt of course was great, but the best part were the "spoon sweets," fruits boiled with lemon and sugar to make an amazing fruity topping for your yogurt. Black cherry and walnuts ftw! 

I loved that yogurt was offered everywhere as a dessert and appeared on every breakfast menu. And of course it appeared frozen as well.  I sampled it in all its delectable forms. This was the Olympics of yogurt eating, and I took home a gold medal. 

Now that I'm home, I've forsaken Greek yogurt for Icelandic, but I am curious to try making real Greek yogurt myself. Until then, I'm just pleased that I've convinced my kids that yogurt with honey and "crunchies" (aka Ezekial whole grain cereal) is a treat and not a reasonably healthy snack!

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