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7 Delicious Foods in Greece You Can't Miss

Adventurous Tastes | 7 Can't Miss Foods in Greece - Peachy sunset over Athens Greece

Stuck at home and in need of a little travel fantasy? I was digging around in my blog archives and realized I started this post but never posted it. So here are my food lover's tips for Greece. Read and dream on!

Plate of calamari in Spetses, Greece


When sailing in Greece, it's all about the seafood. A gorgeous plate of calamari is always in order. I got the beauty above in Spetses, but you'll find it everywhere. There's plenty of octopus available, too, if that's your jam, but I find their combination of chewiness and intellect unappealing. 

Watermelon and feta salad at a Piraeus restaurant

Any and All Salads

Salads were universally amazing in Greece. The produce is all local and seasonal and so so fresh. Obviously you can't miss the classic "Greek salad" chock full of the best tomatoes you've ever had and salty feta cheese. But don't stop there. If you see a watermelon and feta salad, get it. Or really any other combination of fresh, local produce. 

I recall by the end of 10 days actually saying, "I'm tired of Greek salads." Now sitting in the dead of winter in a pandemic, I want to kick stupid 4 years ago me. Just give me one taste of a juicy, flavorful tomato, preferably eaten at a gorgeous Greek seaside restaurant. 

Green pistachio cocktail in a woman's hand at Aegina pistachio festival

Green pistachio soft serve ice cream at Aegina pistachio festival

Pistachio Anything

Did you know they're really into pistachios on the Greek island of Aegina? Me neither. But they are, and every variation, from cocktails to jam to soft serve was delish.  

Gyros from Tylixto in Athens

Lamb on pita with potatoes in Greece


A visit to Greece isn't complete without a gyro. These were infinitely better than their US mall food court counterparts. I especially loved the glorious one with fries on it. I'm drooling just remembering it.

Greek Yogurt

I was so obsessed with the yogurt in Greece that it merited it's own post. Read my ode to Greek yogurt. Suffice it to say their yogurt is the absolute business and makes our seem like slop. And don't even get me started on the glorious toppings on offer!

Loukoumades donuts in Athens, Greece


Loukimades are Greek Donuts. Drizzled in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon -- simply put, they are the bomb.  I got mine hot and fresh at Lukumades in Athens. Do not miss them!

Juicy fig in a woman's hand


Remember how I mentioned their produce? Their figs were sent straight from heaven, and I could weep just remembering how delectable this was.

Because quarantine life and winter are both quite lame, everyone could use a little visual break from the monotony, so I've include a few more of my favorite pictures from our wonderful days in the Greek islands. If you have the chance to visit the islands closest to Athens, including Hyrdra, Spetses, or Piraeus one day, I highly recommend it! 

No need to find all of these items on your own. Take a food tour to sate your Greek hunger with a local expert! 

I've included affiliate links to recommended tours. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

No time for a trip to Greece but want to indulge in some daydreaming? Here are a few more favorite pics from our trip!

Adventurous Tastes | Ancient ruins in Athens, Greece

Adventurous Tastes | Sunset and a sailboat in Greece

Adventurous Tastes | Horses, boats and buildings of Hydra, Greece

Adventurous Tastes | Sailboat and pink sunset in Spetses, Greece

Adventurous Tastes | Sunset over Nafplio, Greece

Adventurous Tastes | The acropolis in Athens, Greece on a sunny day

I've included affiliate links to recommended tours. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

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