Friday, December 20, 2019

The unique Icelandic tomato soup restaurant you'll fall in love with

Lush Icelandic Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon and waterfall
Iceland's stunning Fjadrárgljúfur canyon, also known as the canyon Justin Bieber fans almost ruined

Iceland is by far one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit. Filled with otherworldly natural wonders, it is truly a feast for the eyes. A literal feast, though, not so much. Iceland is quite expensive and not known for its cuisine, so while I highly recommend it as a vacation spot, it's not really a foodie destination.

Tomato soup and tomato cocktail at Friðheimar restaurant in Iceland
Our meal at Friðheimar 

A unique tomato soup restaurant 

That's why I was so pleased to find one restaurant I can heartily recommend. Friðheimar is a tomato soup restaurant, and it was wonderful! Iceland is a great place for a long drive, and that's just what we did. We cruised from gorgeous site to gorgeous site, and this restaurant was conveniently located in the midst of our path.

It's housed in a greenhouse, and the tomatoes you're enjoying are growing all around you. You can order all you can eat tomato soup with crusty bread, and you can even snip basil right at your table to add to the dish. Don't miss the tomato cocktails. My green tomato based drink was a delight.

After you gorge yourself on soup, take a walk around the greenhouse and check out the bees that keep things growing!

Bees at Friðheimar restaurant in Iceland
Bees that keep the tomatoes growing 

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